Awards and Recognition
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Awards and Recognition

One of the widest selections in the world

The first Ural Kettlebell, weighing 16 kg, was cast in 2006. Today Ural Kettlebell manufactures more than 50 kinds of kettlebells. They vary in weights (5 kg- 40 kg) and purposes; from the home gym to the world stage.

100-pood* kettlebell (Stopoodovaya Girya)

In 2012, the Ural Kettlebell craftsmen created a 100-pood kettlebell - a truly momentous achievement. This enormous kettlebell weighing 1,638 kg was written into the Russian Book of Records as the heaviest kettlebell in the world.


* Pood is a unit of weight of the Imperial Russian weight measurement system. It is approximately 16.38 kilograms. The expression Сто пудов (Sto poodoff) - "Hundred poods" means "very large amount". In modern colloquial Russian it is used in  generic meanings of "very much" and "very", as well as "most surely"; the adjective 'stopudovy' and the adverb 'stopudovo' are also used in the latter meaning.

“This is not just a unique monument, but a singular symbol of confidence and reliability”- says the brand owner Artem Artemiev. – “We keep receiving requests for manufacturing this kind of a kettlebell. Some requests come from abroad. We refused and are still refusing. There should be only one such kettlebell in the world. And it should be in Russia, the birthplace of kettlebell lifting, for all to know and to remember.”

The Best Production Project – 2012

Special production technologies that are unique for Russian and worldwide markets won the Ural Kettlebell "The Best Production Project – 2012” award. Despite the competition the Ural Kettlebell received this prestigious award at the ‘Business Success’ contest which brought together more than five thousand business people.

‘Made in Russia’ Expo

"Made in Russia" Expo took place during the Second Action Forum of All-Russia People’s Front.  Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, visited Ural Kettlebell display and was impressed with the quality of our products. The company’s director, Artem Artemiev, presented a personalized Ural Kettlebell to Putin. The kettlebell was authentically hand painted using the Palekh’s painting technique. The theme was P. Bazhov’s “The Ural Tales”.