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  • Kettlebell sport was born in Russia
  • Kettlebell casting was born in the Urals
Authentic kettlebells from the homeland of kettlebell sport
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Ural Kettlebell is the undisputed leader in the Russian kettlebell market. 

Our competition kettlebells are the official standard for All-Russia Kettlebell Lifting Federation; they are used in kettlebell lifting championships in Russia, Europe and around the world. In 2014 at the “White Nights” festival, the largest kettlebell lifting competition on the globe, athletes celebrated the Ural Kettlebell to be the best in the world.

   Kettlebell casting traditions date back several centuries. Local craftsmen began pouring kettlebells in the Urals as early as the 17th century. Over time, manufacturing techniques and methods as well as the choice of the raw materials have been continuously refined and perfected. 

We built our success by meticulously researching the history of kettlebell casting before crafting our own. The knowledge of kettlebells'  background and their origins enabled us to achieve three fundamental goals:

1. To create a unique production line.

We carefully designed and launched a highly specialized manufacturing facility staffed with the most qualified craftsmen to produce the best kettlebells in the world.

2. The widest selection of kettlebells.

    Over a short period of time we produced a wide variety of kettlebells – from home use to professional and from 5 kg all the way to 40 kg. Today, we offer one of the widest selections of kettlebells in the world.

3. New kettlebells designed specifically for professional athletes.

Over the past two centuries, very few things have changed in the kettlebells themselves. As far back as the early 18th century, the ball was recognized as the best shape for kettlebells. This spherical shape increases the resistance of a kettlebell to wearing out and, consequently, minimizes the loss of the initial weight. 

By the end of the 18th century, cast iron replaced copper and steel and became the most popular material for making kettlebells. It seemed that the kettlebell did not merit any manner of innovation. Many improvements could be made to the kettlebell manufacturing process but not to the kettlebell itself.

This accepted truth had existed for nearly two centuries before we called it into question. We revolutionized the kettlebells’ design by moving the center of gravity closer to the handle. This reduced swaying during the rotation of the kettlebell.As athletes gained more control over kettlebells, they expended less energy. The results were not long in coming. Those athletes who had transitioned to training and competing using our kettlebells experienced accelerated improvement.

Today, our kettlebell manufacturing plant, situated in a small village in the Urals, supplies premium quality kettlebells to every corner of Russia and to several CIS countries. We are the undisputed kettlebell manufacturing leader in Russia. The world’s strongest and most decorated kettlebell athlete trains using our kettlebells. Meanwhile, our competitors from all around the world are diligently but unsuccessfully trying to replicate our products.

Today you can find dozens of kettlebell manufacturers all around the world, but look no further than the Ural Kettlebell for authentic quality rooted in proud tradition and complete with skilled innovation.