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Certified for National and International Championships

In accordance with the decision of the Presidium of the all-Russian Federation of Kettlebell lifting, models of Ural Competition Kettlebells weight 16, 24, 32 kg. were certified for National and International Championships.

Vladimir Putin's high appreciation of the Ural Kettlebells.

The President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin

gave very high assessment of the Ural Kettlebells and to the talent of the Ural masters on the Exhibition "Made in Russia". A unique hand-painted kettlebell, made in the technique of famous Palekh painting was presented to him. The idea of the picture was taken as the motive from the "Ural tales" of the famous Russian writer Pavel Bazhov.

World record has fallen! Now-100 Poods kettlebell (1638kg) !

I was pleasantly surprised that in Russia, in addition to the « Tsar – Bell » and the «Tsar-Cannon» exists the «Tsar-KettleBell» , produced by Ural masters...
Artem Klimenko (8-times World Champion in Armwrestling)

Ural Kettlebell weight of 100 Poods ( an old Russian measure of weights , approx. 1638 Kg) was made by the Ural masters. The information about “King-Kettlebell” was included in the Russian Book of Records ( the national analog of the Guinness Book of Records) in the category “The Most Heavy Kettlebell”. It tooks 26 strong people to install so heavy Kettlebell on a pedestal in the town of Verkhneuralsk. The inscription on it side: "Everything will be 100-Pudovo!" (“All will be OKay. Guaranteed!”).