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Sergei Rachinsky, Russia, Russia Honoured Master of Sports of Russia in kettlebell lifting, Multiple time Champion of Russia and nine-time World Champion, World Guinness Book of Records record holder in kettlebell lifting, co-founder of the Russian Kettlebell Sport Academy, director of International Kettlebell Sport and Fitness Academy (New York)
The kettlebells are wonderful. A huge plus is the use of a unified standard, the ideal shape. It is a delight to train and to perform using these kettlebells. It comes as no surprise that your kettlebells generate a lot of interest from the athletes in Russia and all around the world. Upon request from the federations in Australia, England, the United States, Japan, and so on I used to purchase the Ural Kettlebells for them. Now they are happily producing very similar kettlebells. Thus, the standard of the Ural Kettlebells became a world standard.
Amanda Wegner, USA, USA USA Kettlebell Lifting Champion
I first lifted a Ural Kettlebell in St. Petersburg in 2013, at the largest kettlebell lifting gym in the world. In contrast to the other kettlebells that I lifted at home in the US, I noticed that the handle of the Ural Kettlebell lies very comfortably in the palm of the hand at the fixation point, there's less "hitting" and the relaxation is easier. I also noticed that the magnesium prep is easier, the handle is not slippery and yet not rough. This combination is very comfortable for the hand. It is not a coincidence that my best results were shown using the Ural Kettlebells!
Steven Gordon, England, UK President of Organization of Kettlebell Sport England. Team England pro-athlete
Hi, my name is Steven Gordon, President of Organization of Kettlebell Sport England and Team England professional athlete. I first used the Ural bells in the Eurofitness Gym in St. Petersburg, and I found they were really comfortable to use because they move very smoothly when training. I now have a pair in my gym in England. My fellow athletes really like using them as well. It makes this difficult sport a bit easier when you use great bells like Ural!
Kseniya Dedukhina, Russia, Russia Multiple-time Russia, Europe and World Kettlebell Lifting Champion
As I got to know the Ural Kettlebells I came to appreciate their shape and the ease of use. It did not take long to get used to them. If you do the "snatch" correctly, the Ural Kettlebell comfortably "lands" onto the forearm without hitting it in the top segment of the move. This is due to the special shape of the bell with thicker sections at the base of the horn.

The Ural Kettlebell is the official competition kettlebell for All-Russia Kettlebell Lifting Federation, thus I use them almost exclusively in my training; all of my best results in the "snatch" were with Ural Kettlebells.
Naturally, from time to time, I have to compete using other kettlebells, not the Urals’. We know about this ahead of time and train using the other kettlebells. But the difference is always there and can always be felt.

I consider necessary for all kettlebell lifting competitions, without exception, to adopt a well-defined unified kettlebells' standard. Today,  the Ural Kettlebells rightfully represent this standard.
Ivan Denisov, Russia, Russia The strongest kettlebell lifter on the planet
The Ural Kettlebells are professional athletic equipment. Their ergonomics and superior flight dynamics make them truly unique. High quality of metal and superior finish further contribute to their reliability and increase their useful life. The unified shape and dimensions allow for similar conditions while training with different weights. Ural Kettlebells - the choice of professionals.